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Focus Evolution shavette, Regiment Bravura and Bravura aftershave and cologne sotd #Regiment #FocusEvolution Sunday, December 17,2017 Shaver: Focus Evolution R21-10 Blade: Pre-Cut Perma-Sharp Soap: Regiment Bravura (clean ...
Butteryist clip #1 2012 Trevor Hanold and Dan Klonowski throwing down the doubles!
GRANITE HESHES HARD! Made this video in response to Mark McMorris's to show him how hesh granite peak is!!!!!
Preseason BUTTERSTICKinc. Kurt and Braden were getting quite anxious to snowboard so they went to the local rink and grabbed some snow and had a little hesh sesh!
Double Frontin Teague Layman throwing down a double front flip on the jump at granite peak boyyyy!
Torstein Horgmo Triple cork [HD] Mr. Horgmo has landed the first triple cork on a snowboard!!
butterblog This channel is just for videos for our blog http://www.youtube.com/user/butterstickinc this is the actual butterstick channel check it out and subscribe.

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