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He took another bite of his twizzler, nodding over at #Danny slight as he enjoyed the treat.

It was kind of the ot… https://t.co/aHFlp6y3O0
He glanced at the twizzlers being offered, reaching out and taking one gratefully as he gave an appreciative small… https://t.co/KAj2ICJMKF
He nodded, looking down at the ground for a moment. His hand running through his hair again briefly.

“Oh, uhh y-yeah, I’m fine.” He told the male with a half smile. Obviously still rather uncomfortable with the stranger. #Danny
He noted the friendly smile, glancing away slightly for a moment before watching as #Danny made himself comfortable… https://t.co/48ggycJrO1
He ran his hand through the back of his hair, returning #Danny’s small smile somewhat anxiously
She gave a small smile at #Danny. Nope, she won’t let go . She’s decided he’s her slayer
His cute lil smile faded upon seeing #Danny, glancing at him awkwardly.

Eyes shifting to his surroundings
She’s holding #Danny’s hand. Deal with it.
- his chair and fought to get his phone back again

”hey!! Give it back!!” he said as he tackled #Danny
The dark agent chose not to respond to #Danny’s questions about what he was doing and therefore wasn't aware that… https://t.co/erVbDoGxSZ
”oh is that so...?” the dark agent smirked mischievously

”well the only thing that I can say is to bring it… https://t.co/XJD8G6ub2c
Morgan tried hard not to burst into laughter as he saw #Danny’s uneasiness by the thought of #JJ getting an email w… https://t.co/32g0Mrt22N
The dark agent placed the lid back on his pen and leaned back in his chair looking up at #Danny with a mischievous… https://t.co/JtkpcxJdY8
The dark agent grinned a little as #Danny mentioned the thing about the good catch knowing that he was talking abou… https://t.co/kbUgiIhXzJ
Ya estamos en @ZonaEspn_NY después de escuchar #Danny con esa tremenda composición para el programa @TenchyRodEspn… https://t.co/mcfgQjACBR
The dark agent looked a little surprised to hear #Danny’s familiar voice

”no, your eyes are not deceiving you, my… https://t.co/T2B0OLDaWh
Morgan was believe it or not catching up with the paperwork that had piled up on his desk, not noticing #Danny arriving at the BAU
What Happened With Danny... For those of you who don't know what happen with Danny, last week Danny and I had a major falling out. A lot was said especially on my part. These things were ...
Insane Motivational Memes For Guys Thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring today's video! Get $80 off your first month: https://bit.ly/2JPXgpk and use promo code "trulygreg80" Today I want to take you ...
T. Danny - Utoljára Sírtam Érted (Official Music Video) Zene: T. Danny, Telegdy András Mix | Master: Fehér Holló Szöveg: T. Danny Rendező | Operatőr | Vágó: Telegdy Ádám T. DANNY BOOKING | MANAGEMENT ...
去鬼屋拍攝,誰說不可能?!Danny許佳麟 ft. Madison劉漢傑 !認識10年的Haoren朱浩仁來完成拍攝! 久違的合作!這次和Madison來一首Haoren朱浩仁ft. Namewee黃明志的【誰說不可能】 來聽一聽~~~yeah! 【Madison ...
Trying Troom Troom's Awful Crafts 3 Troom Troom is an endless supply of laughs, goofs, and most importantly: laughs. Today I'm trying some more of their awful crafts: a spy umbrella, a bunny hole ...
挑戰女友24小時講廣東話(粵語)!連自己都笑噴了! 這一次我們來個24小時的挑戰!而且要全程講我不會的粵語~~ 哈哈哈哈【Danny许佳麟Facebook】https://www.facebook.com/DannyAhboy 【Danny ...
Danny - De eram om rau [oficial video] 2019 Subscribe to NekMusic:http://www.youtube.com/user/nekmusicproduction Muzica Danny Text Danny Orchestratie Nek Music Video Nek Video NekMusic online ...

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