Incumbent or encumbent

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Clark County voters weigh in on the entire campaign Lots of interest in Clark County for issues and candidates in the midterms, especially the 3rd District Congressional race.
Hugin Taking On Incumbent Menendez In NJ Senate Race Menendez is hoping to fend off the former drug maker CEO for a third term.
Cuomo Hoping To Beat Molinaro For Third Term Polls have given the incumbent a double digit lead, but the race may have tightened.
John Rowe claims victory in Portsmouth mayoral race Former city manager John Rowe has reportedly defeated incumbent Portsmouth Mayor Kenny Wright.
Hang the Clintons! The 2016 Presidential Election, must be interrupted! From Jim Kirwan. The MUST See Breitbart film, "Clinton Cash" found here: ...
The Hidden Massacre of Amharas & Christians in Arsi. The Hidden Massacre of Am haras & Christians in Arecey. Compiled and distributed by Ethiopian Information Service Network {S.H.I.N.E} Amsterdam, ...

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