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UPDATE 1.3.2 REVIEW W/ PLACEREBUILDER - R2DA #45 it has a new tutorial (at 15:21) and new animations for r700 and dragunov. and some other stuff.
R2DA 1.2.7 NEW UPDATE | CHRISTMAS RELEASE vote for us for the bloxy awards! vote us for the trailer, best original music, and tweet.
LAST TIME TO PLAY BOSS + TWITTER CODE - R2DA #32 this is the last time you will ever play this boss.
New secret code and me farming! I Roblox R2DA Gameplay HALLOWEEN UPDATE! This is R2DA!!! the code mentioned in this video if you didn't get a good look for it is: 3XECCP Play ...
STERY M AND TINPOT ONLY 1000 CASH UNDER 5 MINUTES LOW RANK FARMING TWITTER CODES ARE IN PINNED COMMENT was a rank 0 but i kept on trying new methods until i got to rank 3 my discord: r2d ...
R2DA #7- SECRET CODE - HALLOWEEN UPDATE - CHAINSAW GAMEPLAY Basically today the servers went down (there were so many players the amount of servers crashed) so I had to call pr to come fix it. I was trying to play R2DA the ...
R2DA #3 - 1.0.2 UPDATE: RANKS, RELOAD, ZOMB SPRINT + REDEEM CODE Free redeem code is in the video! So this update has a lot of new features: New ranks, purchasable reloads, zombie sprinting as well as TOMB STONES.
R2DA GAMEPLAY WITH PR #7 V0.9.6 NEW MAP/GUI + TWITTER CODE this file was 4 gb also renamed to pr because placerebuilder's name is fat.
R2DA TWITTER CODE #2 DOUBLE EXP ON DOUBLE EXP FRIDAY it doesnt work didnt know it was double exp i wanna die.
R2DA TWITTER CODE #1 you could just follow pr but ill post my thoughts about the new ones every time a new code comes out. which is usually going to be negative.
R2DA GAMEPLAY WITH PLACEREBUILDER #3 V0.8.5 had to reupload because pr was complaining and youtbue didnt upload it in 1080p.
placerebuilder is a good boy :3 | twitter codes-Roblox-Reason 2 die you don't have twitter? not a problem, wen a twitter code is made, i will post a video of this.
ROBLOX:R2D, Twitter Codes.[EXPIRED] U8RWA2 - Icevest JHJ38E - Earbuds CQ34BEN - Medkits GR3N4DE- Bombs.
R2D: Twitter Codes Play R2D at! PlaceRebuilder has made Twitter codes for us. And if you want them then here is the code: CQ34BEN = 10 Med Kits JHJ38E ...
TWITTER CODE FOR R2D GET 15 PILLS! FREE yeah. updated now CODE IS WQE4TY7 At the first version aka debug you would only get 10 land mines. I than bitched to place about it and said give them pills ...
R2D twitter code plus q&a update! its legit, doesn't work though. so... useless really.
PLACEREBUILDER VS SWAGER21 FOR 1.5K yus i got my cash back from the dreaded pumpkin lord glitch. hahahahahahah.
Roblox Reason 2 Die: PlaceRebuilder talks about the new "Duck" I mean, if you wanted to know what PlaceRebuilder says about the new "Duck" supporter pass, then her it is..

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