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India's Vedic wisdom : Quote for the day : Service pleasure By nature, heart is pleasure seeking. As living entities, we get pleasure by service. If we serve our senses(watching mundane movies, eating un-offered foods) ...
Let your enthusiasm exude, and let it exceed everyone’s expectation.
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Life renews itself every time by making you a stranger in this old and familiar world. You are a total stranger in… https://t.co/sSNnjyRFwT
#wisdomquotes #happinesslife these 20 Quotes will change your life and make you happier than before Dear viewer thanks for watching this video and please subscribe for daily updates.
From One Earth One Sky One Humankind written by Bpk. #AnandKrishna. To purchase the book, please visit… https://t.co/AS1Z86g6dv
Staying teachable regardless of how much one may know. I did this quote overlay on transparency sheet then added it… https://t.co/XPE4YLorgU
The art of life is simple. Just paint your thoughts and feelings with a fine, pleasant brush.
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Some people will put you down hoping that by doing so, their wounded self will be healed. Let them be.
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Abundance Spiritual Wisdom Quote Please find the links to my kindle ebook. Understanding the Nakshatras ...
Samurai wisdom - Quote 32 Самурай но Кокороэ — Заповеди самурая~ 3. "Иканару хито дэмо сонкэ суру кото" — Уважай каждого. Даже если...
Samurai wisdom - Quote 24 Хэйдзосин Когда человек постигает истинную природу занятий боевыми искусствами и тренируется соответст...
Samurai wisdom - Quote 9 Самурай но Кокороэ — Заповеди самурая~ 6. "Кото ни ойтэ кокайсэдзу" — Живи без сожалений. Предостережени...
African American Wisdom Quote Of The Day 09:18:18 When rungs were missing, I learned to jump! Singer, William Warfield - Join us for #RolandMartinUnfiltered daily at 6PM EST! Visit www.

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